Perhaps Not Is All That It Seems…

Walk with me for a minute here… Though take into account the entirety of the political scene, with the information readily available. This is purely speculation, but it doesn’t come without some verification.

We have new legislation that would bring in 80,000 new IRS employees right? Everyone knows this as fact. Let’s examine: Roughly 1% of those hired would be collection agents. Served with the oath to be armed, trained and available to use deadly force if necessary. Sounds scary, but it’s just routine for the job. How many IRS agents have you heard of getting into firefights? Me either. That said, what would be the purpose of ballooning a relatively docile arm of the fed into a massive investigative organization? We all know what theories are circulating as to why and to what purposes, but before you fully commit to those ideas, let me show you another possible angle. Afterall, they haven’t been hired yet and nothing has taken place so it’s rationally open to interpretation..

The Swamp

All things considered, much of the political theater we’ve been watching has been just that. Theatrics of a common soap opera. Dating back to 2015 even. Why though? Well we all know why, but the question still remains why? Yes it was Trump that triggered all of this, but the reason for it has only been speculated in many various podcast opinions and right-leaning internet publications. And they’re not wrong! Not most of them anyway. Not entirely. So to make my point I had to look at the possibility, if not probability, that these theatrics and subsequent ‘witch hunts’ against Donald Trump were in reaction by the “Deep State” because they knew he was coming in 2015. They knew he was running and who was backing him and for what purposes. If they have the backing of Schwab, Soros, Rothschild and every other magnate and globalist elite, then why was this man such a big threat? He may be wealthy, but he wasn’t a politician. He didn’t lavish in their circles and push policy or attend those meetings and “committes”. So who was it that they really feared? That’s where the wink and nod lays. This is where the leap to a conclusion becomes a small step to understanding. It was, is, and has been the inner circle of the the world’s militaries. Acting as a whole, but not in their entireties. There are circles and counter circles in every countries organizations. That much has always been true. This fight may have been going on longer than we may even have anticipated. Largely scrubbed from history and most certainly kept out of the public eye. But make no mistake its always been good versus evil..Spy Versus Spy. One side may have been winning for X amount of time, but every empire has an expiration date. History proves that conclusively. In steps Donald J. Trump…

So if the internal battle between sides has shifted and the Great General is out foxing them at every turn then why wouldn’t this new policy of flooding the IRS be any different? Trump has been taking what they’ve given against him and the American people and turning it back on them from the beginning! So if my theory is right, or even close to right, then this new policy will be used against themselves.. and they’re too arrogant to see it. Another possibility is that this policy wasn’t even designed by the progressives at all… but a carrot dangled in front of a blind horse. Time will tell… stay tuned.

Just For Starters…

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