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Has The Abortion Dilemma Become The Measure Of Who You Are…?

Some, or many, think that this is just another topic created and inflated to divide the American people. To further an already tumultuous time in our history and to usurp that division to retain control over minds, thusly maintaining control of a population. They would be right…somewhat. Some would even argue that it has much ado about nothing. That it’s purely a foregone conclusion; either through faith or just a moral reasoning that its completely wrong. Also right…mostly. That’s the presumed divide. And that’s usable. However it’s now been put back into each states’ hands with varying dissents or consents. And expectedly so. But the abortion question is far too opinionated and vexing to be considered a be all, end all decision. The politicians know this and have used it for decades. The SCOTUS just sent it back where it should have stayed to begin with. But it will come up again later in years, make no mistake.

So what is the answer? Is there one? There kind of is, but one just has to listen and not hear. First, you have to know where the fetuses go. They’re sold to and used by pharmaceutical companies to make certain drugs. That’s a fact. Stem cell therapies, anti-virals, vaccines… the list goes on. I’d list articles, etc but I think most of you reading this already know, so that is moot. However, if abortion was deemed illegal (hypothetical) in every state then what would keep the machine turning? There would have to be an alternative. One they cannot synthesize to get those raw materials (sorry for the candidness). That would be either child trafficking, or child surgical mutilation. AKA gender appropriating hysterectomies and castration. There is no other way to obtain these highly prized biologicals. There’s just not. They cannot be produced any other way. If you can come to terms with those facts, then you’ll understand the push to bring in migrant children and shipping pregnant women to states that haven’t banned them without reason or circumstance altogether. Always… always follow the money.

Semper Fi

I, personally, am a libertarian. Not a liberal, let’s not mistake that. I fought for your right to think, speak, live and choose however you see fit. So long as it’s not hurting or taking those rights away from anyone else. My stand on abortion is liberty. Let the individual decide without pressure or promise, though they be shown alternatives to it. The woman has the right to choose, but ultimately her or anyone i involved in the decision or process thereof will have to answer to the Almighty when their time comes. That’s also a fact. I oppose abortion… but only mostly.