The Investigators Being Investigated

Dan Bongino does it again. In his latest PodCast of Excellence, Dan laid out the Barr statement perfectly; in only the simplest constructive reading terms that can be digested by the masses. Hat Tip to DBS 🎩

The Mueller Team

As I reported yesterday, December 1st, there was more than what met the eye in the official Deptartment of Justice press release concerning Election fraud. Not, at least, in their opinion of the lack of widespread fraud anyway. Obfuscation being the actual takeaway from the quote, if you payed attention that is. What is the old saying? The “sugar is in the honey”? Well that’s where you’ll find it anyway. That said, a counter-move was made simultaneously by Bill Barr that was left unattended by most. Officially appointing John Durham as Special Counsel to the Russia Hoax-Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Now you’ll probably say “so what?” And you would have been right. No report, no charges; save one low-end FBI attorney. However, that was then. John Durham has only been appointed as a Special Assistant to date. Just a researcher with enough clearance to look at what he needs to. The ultimate power to bring indictments were never his to begin with. All that has just changed.

A.G Bill Barr and S.C. John Durham

As Dan Bongino pointed out in todays show, the watchers have become the watched. They have been cleverly put on notice in such an ambiguous message that one has to chuckle at the fact that it was delivered as a double entendre. Brilliantly worded Mr. Barr…another Hat Tip 🎩

Here’s Dans quote: “Soo the Special Council (Durham) will be looking into the Administration of President Trump and any illegal activities…” Meaning any further spying on the Administration Vs. the spying done on the campaign..? So “they” were spying into the post-inauguration Administration too? You’d better believe it. Although Dan reserves putting out conclusions on his show, because he doesn’t want to be caught holding the bag if he bets and loses on a personal edict. That’s okay. I can do it for him. I’m just an uptick, small blog that doesn’t have to fear losing advertisers. I don’t have any yet! Anyway, here’s my quote: “They’re coming…for you Bob. And Jim, Peter, Andrew, James, Susan, Lisa and the rest.” Your time is short. Will they be prosecuted? Yes, it’s just a matter of when. But let me ask you this…remember Mueller took a Mulligan in front of Congress. Why? He opted out because he knew what would come later. So how many of these big actors will flip on the Cabal at the top who orchestrated this mess to save their own necks? Now it gets fun to watch…

“The Special Counsel has a Special Counsel who is investigating the Special Counsel for any potential illegalities the Special Counsel may have committed while being being investigated by the new Special Counsel” 🀣 You can’t make this stuff up folks! Do not bail out on Barrs’ Department of Justice, or John Durham. This is timed, planned and coordinated. You can’t see their tactics. You don’t understand the Big-Game of Legal Eagles, but you’re learning on the fly, like myself. The Election fraud comes first. Then the spying. In that order of importance. It’s how this must go. And if you’re still skeptical or cynical, all I can say is….Stay Tuned. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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